Alert! Right wing Venezuelan opposition will carry out major anti-government mobilization today

ven-10-26-2016A well crafted plan to “take over Venezuela” will take place today, starting at 9AM in Caracas and larger cities throughout the country. People are asked to meet at pre-determined points in Caracas to finally converge at the Fajardo Highway for a demonstration with speakers from the right-wing opposition. These speakers will give directives for actions they are asking their supporters to take the day after. The public leader for these actions is the Governor of Miranda State, Henrique Capriles, who is also the head of MUD, Mesa de la Unidad Democratica (Table for Democratic Unity).

Meanwhile, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), has called for demonstrating in defense of Venezuela, as part what Diosdado Cabello, leader of PSUV, called the “plan for peace”. Regardless of the right-wing characterization of their mobilization as a peaceful demonstration, violence, unfortunately, will not be absent.

At the same time, President Maduro citing article 323 of the Constitution has called the National Defense Council to a meeting at 11AM. This council is comprise of representatives from the five powers of the Venezuelan state: The National Electoral Council, Comptrollers, Treasury and Peoples Ombudsman, the Judicial, Executive and National Assembly.The president of the National Assembly president, Henry Ramos Allup, is one of the main politicians searching Maduro’s impeachment and attempting, as it is the new formula for coup de etats in Latin America, to obtain such resolution in congress or even the Organization of American States.

All these maneuvers and actions carried out by the opposition are supported by important government sectors the United States. A former military and governmental vice minister, William Izarra has warned through his Twitter account that the U.S. Southern Command is positioning itself to intervene in Venezuela.

It is imperative that the US-Venezuela solidarity movement express its opposition to U.S. intervention in Venezuela now. The least we can do is inform our representatives in Congress about this situation and demand hands off Venezuela. Likewise, we need to counteract recent statements and reports by Human Rights Watch, which clearly side with right-wing opposition plans.

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