Seeds of peace will arrive to your land from the U.S.

11-encuentro-semilla-campesinaDear compañeras and compañeros, from the belly of the beast, the United States, we salute and congratulate you for carrying out this 11th National Encounter of Peasant Seeds in Monte Carmelo. Here, in the U.S., those among us who are older remember or directly participated in solidarity campaigns in the past in the world, where our government took the side of capitalist oppressor. We sided with the poor, peasants, workers, who struggle to build a better world for all instead of profits for a few. We do the same right here in our country too, we also envision changing this imperialistic country into a better place. Therefore, it is only natural that we exercise solidarity with revolutionaries in Venezuela.

We have learned of the internal and external attacks waged against the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. We have also been inspired by the resistance against those attacks. In particular in the area of food supplies, where the right-wing seeks to starve the people, we have seen you respond with food autonomy initiatives. This is why we are beginning here our Seeds of Solidarity for Venezuela, a people-to-people campaign to support you in such humane, dignified, and creative initiative. We are also well aware of the unique seeds law passed in your country. We applaud that and hail it as great step in defense of our environment.

Let’s continue to keep in contact. We prepare for your next planting season. Seeds of peace will arrive to your land from the United States.

Fraternal and sisterly greetings and forward, you are an example about how to build that better world we also want.

In the struggle,

Charlie Welch, John Harris, Jorge Marin, Sergio Reyes
Coordinating Committee
US-Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Boston, October 27, 2016

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