On May 20, 2018, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela held Presidential, Municipal and State Legislative elections. By far the biggest result was the reelection of President Nicolás Maduro for a new term (2019-2025) with over 6,192,000 votes or almost 68% of all valid votes. The Venezuelan Electoral Council reported participation at 46%.

Twenty four times in twenty years Venezuelans have used ballots and elections to legitimize its new constitution, authorities and public policies. No other country in the world can claim this level of democratic participation and no national or international entity has proven that Venezuelan electoral authorities or the party in government has rigged or stolen any of these twenty-four elections. In fact, Eugenio Chicas, a spokesperson for an international group of observers affirmed that: “… criticism against the electoral process is based on political and not on technical grounds.”
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Open Letter in Support of Mediation not Sanctions on Venezuela

We urge the United States and Canadian governments to immediately remove their illegal* sanctions against Venezuela and to support efforts at mediation between the government of Venezuela and the nonviolent segments of the political opposition.

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals in the US and Canada, support hemispheric relations based on respect for the sovereignty of all peoples of the Americas. We are deeply concerned by the use of illegal sanctions, whose effect falls most heavily on the poorest and most marginal sectors of society, to coerce political and economic change in a sister democracy.
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Venezuelan Right-Wing: Stop the Lynching

In their feverish attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government of President Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela, the right-wing opposition is resorting to criminal terrorism. Their criminal actions show an utter disregard for human life. Among other acts of terrorism, they are using lynching, complete with racist and classist intent.

On June 3, 2017, Orlando Figueras, 21, Afro Venezuelan, was attacked on his way to work in Caracas. He was punched, stabbed with knives, sprayed with gasoline and set on fire by masked right-wing protesters. This horrific act of racism was captured on video. Orlando, unfortunately for him, looked “Chavista”. The truth is that the victim had no political affiliation. This was, plain and simple murder by lynching.
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U.S. Intervention in Venezuela: Criminal lies and arrogance

The following brief intervention on June 14, 2017 by Cuban-American Rep. Ros-Lehtinen reveals clearly what formula the U.S. is using to intervene flagrantly in Venezuela. Both the representative and the secretary have been attempting to overthrow, first Pres. Hugo Chavez and now Pres. Maduro for a while now. Unlike so-called Obama Care, the sanctions on Venezuela is an Obama legacy they cherish, and are happy to continue and to improve. The U.S. believes it has the right to be Venezuelan constitutional guards, and in the words of Sec. Tillerson himself, notice that on that basis they decided to place six supreme justices of Venezuela in the list of U.S. sanctions. Notice that Rep. Ros-Lehtinen wants even more people in that list. Also notice how blatantly Rep. Ros-Lehtinen lies. She speaks of Maduro’s thugs killing people. It is right-wing thugs who have been killing people, including lynching an afro-venezuelan man without political affiliation, and killing the Chief of Police in Merida.
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Venezuela: End the Violence, Oppose U.S. Intervention

Statement of the Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Boston, May 8, 2017.- Street protests continue in Venezuela with the goal of ousting socialist President Maduro. At the same time huge pro-government rallies support Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution. Some of the protests have resulted in violence and the situation has reached crisis proportions. With the difficult economic situation improving in recent months, the opposition decided to take to the streets. The US mainstream media mostly reports one side of the story, that of the right wing opposition.

The US has a long history of interfering in Latin American politics, both covertly and by military force. The Trump administration wants regime change in Venezuela as any form of socialism must be defeated, consequently the administration is backing the powerful Venezuelan opposition. The Venezuela Solidarity Committee in Boston is calling on the people in the US to oppose any form of imperialist intervention. The Venezuelan people have the right to work out their differences and decide themselves the future of their country.
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Hands Off Venezuela! How the OAS is Undermining Venezuela’s Sovereignty

By Alison Bodine

Almost two decades ago, the people of Venezuela chose to change their history and build a country along a different path then that dictated by the U.S. government. They elected President Hugo Chávez and began the Bolivarian revolution, a powerful process of social and political transformation that continues to make great gains in the lives of poor and oppressed people in Venezuela.
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CANCELLED – Event 4/1/2017: Conversation about the Current Situation in Venezuela


People to People
Seeds of Solidarity for Venezuelan Project
Conversation about the Current Situation in Venezuela

Update by Omar Sierra, Boston Venezuelan Consulate
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St #2, Boston, MA 02116
Saturday, April 1, 2017, 4:00 – 6:00 pm
Light refreshments, donations accepted
No one will be turned away
Sponsored by the Venezuela Solidarity Committee and the Community Church of Boston

Please plan to attend and distribute the flier widely. Thanks!

Solidarity for Venezuela under freezing cold in Boston

img_3749The temperature in Boston was 15 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius), with strong wind gusts, which made it feel even colder. But, there we stood with our sisters and brothers of the Committee for Peace and Human Rights (holding a vigil here every Saturday since 1998), demanding an end to the attacks to the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution by the United States. Attacks that begun with Obama and are now being expanded by Trump.

We, from the Committee in Solidarity with Venezuela, marked one year of work on March 5 and honored the 4th anniversary of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. We also informed the public about our people-to-people campaign, Seeds of Solidarity for Venezuela.
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U.S. Hands Off Venezuela Information Picket in Boston

us-snake-venezuelaInformation picket at Park Street T station, (Corner of Park and Tremont)- Saturday, March 4, 2017 – 1PM to 2PM

We will join the Committee for Peace and Human Rights (holding a vigil here every Saturday since 1998), to demand an end to the attacks to the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution by the United States.

The U.S. under President Obama established sanctions against Venezuela, and they are now being expanded under the Trump regime.

The Committee in Solidarity with Venezuela will mark one year of work on March 5. We will also honor the 4th anniversary of the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Furthermore, we hope to inform the public about our people-to-people campaign, Seeds of Solidarity for Venezuela

All are welcome to join us and support our initiatives for peace and solidarity with Venezuela.

To download the flyer: click here.

Report from Family Seed Reservoir La Paspasa


To: The friends who contributed seeds from the Seeds of Solidarity for Venezuela project.
From: Gaudy María García, Person Responsible for the Family Seed Reservoir La Paspasa

Women and men, peasants of Monte Carmelo, Sanare, Municipality Andrés Eloy Blanco, Lara State, Venezuela, send you conservation and agro-ecological greetings. Here we will provide a brief account of what we have been developing in recent months in terms of rescue and reproduction of seeds in our project “Seeds for Life”.
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