A successful display of solidarity from Boston for the people of Venezuela

The event organized by the Venezuela Solidarity Committee on July 29, 2017, was a successful display of solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. The event was entitled “Affirming Life in Venezuela, Seeds of Solidarity” and was co-sponsored by the following organizations, the International Action Center, CISPES Boston, the July 26 Coalition, Encuentro5, Chelsea Uniting Against the War, Socialist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Communist Party – Boston Branch, Boston May Day Coalition, United for Justice with Peace, Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia, Workers World Party Boston, Democratic Socialists of America. Their statements of solidarity with Venezuela can be read here.

As part of the program there were songs by Ali Primera, interpreted by Sergio Reyes, a report on current situation in Venezuela by Omar Sierra, a video recorded in Venezuela, a report from the recipients of our seeds of solidarity already sent (the video can be seen in YouTube here), and a presentation by Jorge Marin, member of the VSC, about our work and the need to demand that our country, the United States, stop its intervention in Venezuela in support of the right-wing opposition.

There was also a rich discussion during the questions and answers period. In general, all present expressed their support for our people-to-people solidarity campaign, and their support for social change campaigns started by the Government of President Hugo Chavez, and continued by Nicolas Maduro.

A generous amount of money was collected towards buying and sending organic, non-gmo seeds to our friends in Venezuela. Our thanks to all who attended and supported this event.

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