Venezuela: End the Violence, Oppose U.S. Intervention

Statement of the Venezuela Solidarity Committee

Boston, May 8, 2017.- Street protests continue in Venezuela with the goal of ousting socialist President Maduro. At the same time huge pro-government rallies support Maduro and the Bolivarian revolution. Some of the protests have resulted in violence and the situation has reached crisis proportions. With the difficult economic situation improving in recent months, the opposition decided to take to the streets. The US mainstream media mostly reports one side of the story, that of the right wing opposition.

The US has a long history of interfering in Latin American politics, both covertly and by military force. The Trump administration wants regime change in Venezuela as any form of socialism must be defeated, consequently the administration is backing the powerful Venezuelan opposition. The Venezuela Solidarity Committee in Boston is calling on the people in the US to oppose any form of imperialist intervention. The Venezuelan people have the right to work out their differences and decide themselves the future of their country.
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Hands Off Venezuela! How the OAS is Undermining Venezuela’s Sovereignty

By Alison Bodine

Almost two decades ago, the people of Venezuela chose to change their history and build a country along a different path then that dictated by the U.S. government. They elected President Hugo Chávez and began the Bolivarian revolution, a powerful process of social and political transformation that continues to make great gains in the lives of poor and oppressed people in Venezuela.
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Nothing but destruction: One year since the right-wing takeover of Venezuela’s National Assembly

asamblea-nacional-venezuelaBy Alison Bodine

2017 is the 19th year of the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. For nearly two decades this revolution, which began with the election of Comandante Hugo Chávez in 1998, has been making tremendous gains for poor, working and oppressed people in Venezuela. Including massive improvements in education, healthcare and housing. The fact is, in Venezuela today more people are living just and dignified lives.
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Oppose US Sanctions and Intervention in Venezuela

by Duncan McFarland, US-Venezuela Solidarity Committee
These are difficult times for Venezuela economically and politically.  The socialist government of Maduro is in a crisis situation; the US government is trying to take advantage by applying pressure to support the right wing opposition.  The goal is regime change to a neoliberal government or other US friendly regime.  Transnational capitalist corporations are also involved in this effort.  This is the reason that Obama ordered emergency sanctions against Venezuelan officials in 2015, which were subsequently supported by Congress on the basis of a national security threat.  Travel and financial restrictions are in place against a number of leaders; but the actual impact involving a few people is not very significant.  However, by labelling Venezuela a danger to national security, the US hegemonists create a cover in public opinion for US intervention, which is possible in different ways — covertly as well as militarily.  The sanctions are also a way of legitimizing the right wing in Venezuela as global neoliberalism signals approval of their political program which includes violent confrontations.  By having Congress sign on to the sanctions with a large majority, Obama has got commitments and support from both the Republican and Democratic parties.  The US attempt to isolate Venezuela in the Organization of American States is another example of attacking and pressuring the Maduro government.

US-Led Economic War, Not Socialism, Is Tearing Venezuela Apart

crisis-VenezuelaAmericans have been trained by decades of Cold War propaganda to look for any confirmation that ‘socialism means poverty.’ But in the case of Venezuela and other states not governed by the free market, this cliche simply doesn’t ring true.

By Caleb T. Maupin | July 12, 2016

WASHINGTON — (ANALYSIS) The political and economic crisis facing Venezuela is being endlessly pointed to as proof of the superiority of the free market.

Images and portrayals of Venezuelans rioting in the streets over high food costs, empty grocery stores, medicine shortages, and overflowing garbage bins are the headlines, and the reporting points to socialism as the cause.
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Calling ALL Venezuelans to the table

by Lisa Sullivan

Lisa_SullivanFor 32 years I have called Venezuela home. Its mountains have given me beauty, its barrios have given me music, its struggles have given me purpose, and its people have given me love.

Its Bolivarian Revolution gave me hope. How could I not feel hope when most of my neighbors -ages 2 to 70, were studying, right in our little potato-growing town in the mountains of western Venezuela. How could I not be hopeful when 18 neighbor families received new homes to replace their unhealthy, crowded living spaces?
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Delcy Rodriguez: Dignity Has a Woman’s Voice in Venezuela

by Carlos Aznarez

(Originally published in Spanish at “Resúmen Latinoamericano”, Argentina. 24 June 2016. Translated by VSC.)


It has been a long time, ever since those years when Cuba was still participating in the OAS, that we had not heard words so clear and emphatic as those spoken these days by Bolivarian Chancellor Delcy Rodríguez. It was a real hurricane of fresh air blowing in that tribune, which has always officiated as a tentacle of US foreign policy in Latin America.
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How Severe is Venezuela’s Crisis?

The Nation published on June 22, 2016 an article that reveals the bias the U.S. media uses to portray Venezuela and to describe its current problems.

The article by Gabriel Hetland, entitled “How severe is Venezuela’s crisis” set the stage against the writer’s personal research on-site would develop.

Venezuelan food marketPeople buy food at a market in Caracas, Venezuela on June 21, 2016. (Mariana Bazo / Reuters)

Says Hetland, “According to The New York Times, Venezuela is “a country that is in a state of total collapse,” with shuttered government offices, widespread hunger, and failing hospitals that resemble “hell on earth.” There is reportedly “often little traffic in Caracas simply because so few people, either for lack of money or work, are going out.” The Washington Post, which has repeatedly called for foreign intervention against Venezuela, describes the country using similar, at times identical, language of “collapse,” “catastrophe,” “complete disaster,” and “failed state.” NPR reports “Venezuela is Running Out of Beer Amid Severe Economic Crisis”.

Hetland provides an alternative presentation of reality on the ground. We recommend reading this article to learn about that reality and how the Venezuelan counterrevolution operates with full support from its capitalist class and powers as big as United States interests.

To read The Nation’s article click here.

VSC Boston co-signs open letter to OAS Secretary General

Honorable Secretary-General:

We, the undersigned organizations and individuals from the United States and Canada, are deeply concerned by your intervention in Venezuela on behalf of the opposition United Democratic Roundtable (MUD) and its allies in Washington as well as your relentless attacks on the administration of President Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela is at a crossroads, facing both an economic crisis and political polarization. Far from helping Venezuela move toward a peaceful and cooperative resolution of these challenges, your intercessions over the past year have served to exacerbate the conflict. We urge you to avoid further partisanship and play a more constructive and impartial role in promoting peace and dialogue. For an example of such an approach one only need look to the mediation efforts of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which has the backing of UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon.

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