The People’s Resistance to the Venezuelan Food Crisis

Report back and report from the trenches
At Encuentro 5 – 9A Hamilton Place, Boston, MA (Park Street T station)
Saturday, July 30, 2016 – 4PM – 6PM

msanchez-2017Maria Sanchez, report back by a Maine resident who visited Venezuela recently to witness the efforts being made in alternative agriculture.
She experienced the “Back to the Conuco” movement, Venezuela’s traditional version of permaculture (ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient) and their seed saver collectives. These farming efforts are organized in cooperatives to process and distribute food equitably.
Maria also witnessed the work of the new Urban Agriculture Ministry created by President Maduro (1/6/16) and led by a young woman urban gardener, Lorena Freitez. They are working on creative ways to empower the people, in particular youth, to do urban gardening. She also met with agricultural professionals from CIARA (“Training and Innovation in Support of the Agro Revolution Foundation”) and saw initiatives of urban gardening in Caracas.

clap_2016Live video conference with a member of the CLAP, Local Committee for Food Distribution and Production. CLAP committees were created to bypass commercial stores that are hoarding food to increase scarcity and topple the government of President Maduro.
Belkis Romero, CLAP of Ecoaldea Lomas del Norte (EcoVillage North Hills), Lara State

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