Venezuela Solidarity Committee Launched in Boston


Boston-area activists founded the Venezuela Solidarity Committee on March 5, 2016 at a meeting at Encuentro 5 in downtown Boston. The new group will support self-determination and the rights of all historically oppressed peoples in Venezuela and oppose any form of US intervention. In addition to serving as a media resource, activities will include education, lobbying, sister-city programs and campaigns such as supporting the CITGO Heating Oil Assistance Program.

“Providing accurate information to the public about the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela will be a top priority,” said Jorge Marin, member of the coordinating committee. The group will publicize the many social gains for workers, women, peasants, Afro-Venezuelans and indigenous people. Venezuela’s initiatives to build solidarity relations with other Latin American countries will be highlighted.

The group aims to expose and refute attacks on Venezuela’s programs for social justice, support human rights and advocate strict constitutional processes for political change in the country.

For more information, contact, Sergio Reyes, 617 290 5614 or Jorge Marin, 508 577 4661.